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HPS Counseling

We are a client-oriented practice. We put your well-being first and together we work on and identify what solutions will work best for you, your lifestyle, and your healing/ change journey. We provide a variety of services with tools ranging from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Psychodynamic, Solution Focused Therapy, Feminist Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Compassion Focused Therapy, Reality Therapy, Mindfulness, Meditation, Yoga, Natural/Holistic based (aromatherapy, holistic medicine, meditative sounds, nutrition, and natural oils) and spirituality.


Our experiences include counseling families with children including single mothers/fathers, school-based wellness programs working with children from age 4 and up, and middle & high school children. When working with children, we processed all types of issues including but not limited to divorce, suicide, parents with substance abuse issues, anger, anxiety, autism spectrum, DMDD, and depression. We also have a background working with children who’ve endured sexual trauma and those who have offended.


Although teenagers are not always excited about therapy, we've tried our best over the years to meet them where they are. We've worked with teenagers in a therapeutic manner for 10 years now. Our sessions are not always done while sitting across from one another. In a residential setting, we've played basketball, soccer, football, walking, and running with teenagers to get them to open up. In the office, we use play therapy, board activities, worksheets, and games. We've found that 9/10 times, children and adolescents respond best to approaches done through mutual loving activities. The greatest asset in adolescent therapy (any therapeutic relationship for that matter) is the relationship that is formed between the counselor and the client.

We’ve observed that adolescents have learned by necessity to protect themselves, especially from experiences where they have learned that self-disclosure and vulnerability have led to overreaction, hyperbolized conclusions, assumptions, labeling, and loss of dignity. In their world, adults often represent an entity who exists to tell them what to do, think, and say, where to be and whom to spend time with. Adolescents often feel that they have little space is to be themselves, express themselves, and communicate what and how they want to navigate through life and the spaces in between. We believe in building a therapeutic relationship on trust, respect, transparency, authenticity, which evolves organically and creates a safe space for lasting change and healing. Boundaries, unconditional positive regard, and judgment-free space are emphasized throughout the therapeutic journey.

We've helped teenagers struggling with: anxiety/depression, reactions to a traumatic experience (including divorce, death, and loss), poor self-esteem/ worth/image, connecting to peers, anger management, mood swings, foster care/group home issues, substance use, and meeting expectations at school/ home.


Adulthood brings a lot of challenges and the freedom sought from childhood/adolescence may sometimes seem far from reach. We've helped many adults navigate through some difficult situations, experiences, trauma, and learn tools to help them heal. These tools are open from their religious/spiritual background, romantic/sexual orientation, gender/cultural identification, experiences with parenthood, and various trauma. We are here as an outside brain, helping navigate the healing process and finding pathways to freedom from anxiety, depression, lack of anger management skills, affect regulation skills, trauma, relationship issues, nutrition, self-care, damaging habits, and addictions. Together, we will explore and create healthy coping plans, find feel good spaces, communicate effectively, and develop self-care routines that will lead to self-acceptance, self-love, and healthy and fulfilling relationships.

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