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Mastering My Morning Routine

The morning of the revelation.... This morning was unlike any morning I've experienced. I felt renewed after a deep meditation the night before and 8 hours of sleep, which left me feeling dedicated to do this healing work.

We've all heard of the Aaliyah song "And if at first you don't succeed (first you don't succeed), then dust yourself off and try again. You can dust it off and try again, try again." It finally hit home, no matter how many times I've tried to have the mornings of my dreams, giving up was not an option. Thank you queen Aaliyah for the reminder not to give up on what I want for myself.

Generally, I wake up feeling anxious about my to-do list, which encourages spiraling thoughts of anticipating not completing my tasks, which can lead to me feeling paralyzed. Yes, I too struggled with this even as a therapist, I am a human being too.

On this particular morning, I began visualizing (can help you identify action plans to manifest thoughts) what I wanted for myself and the thoughts flowed onto my HPS Counseling Empty Journal "Rise Up- Manifest Your Life." I want to give myself an hour of "Me Time" in the morning.

  • Gratitude: I want to pray and thank God and my ancestors for protecting me and guiding me to wake up each morning.

  • Get out of bed and make the bed, open the windows and light a candle.

  • Nutrients: I want to take the vitamins I need to maintain mood stability. I take Thorne vitamins

Adrenal Cortex (Supports a stable level of the stress hormones to promote a balanced stress response, energetic feelings, and healthy adrenal function).

Zinc Picolinate (Supports immune function and reproductive health).

B Complex #12 (Supports energy production and healthy neurological function).

Supports healthy teeth and bones)

Vitamin D-5,000 - NSF Certified for Sport (Promotes lean muscle mass and helps maintain muscle strength; Enhances the absorption and retention of calcium; Supports healthy brain function; Promotes cardiovascular health and immune function).

  • Liquids: 16 oz of warm water with lemon and sea salt (may help reduce inflammation, alkalize the body, and detoxify your gut... definetly helps me go to the bathroom). Later on, I drink 16 oz of celery juice (may help reduce inflammation as well)

  • Yoga (at least 20 minutes), alternate days with cardio/ weight lifting days

  • Meditation, affirmations and journaling (depending on what I need it can go from 10 minutes to 30 minutes)

  • I pack lunch for myself and my children as well as a to-go Peak Performance Organic Green Super Foods drink so I can get all of vegetable servings in.

  • Shower and head out to drop the girls at school and then go to work

I've struggled a lot before with journaling. However, the HPS Counseling Guided Journals helped me get in the routine of practicing self-care. I keep reminding myself that it is a practice. Just like you don't just shower once a year, self-care is a daily practice.

For me, having a written out daily routine and checking things off make me feel accomplished and not overwhelmed. I'm also practicing giving myself grace if I miss anything and not ruminating about what I didn't get done. This new routine has become ingrained in me that it is so seamless. I love feeling positive and invigorating starting my day the way I invision. This is the power of visualization, affirmation, actions and manifestation. Healing is not linear... Keep practicing daily.

- Gigi Ajavon

Stay tuned for my Affirmations and Night Time Routine.


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